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Each year Times City conducts food survey in the capital where the teams of food connoisseurs go to different restaurants in New Delhi to taste the food dishes of various cuisines that these restaurants offer. Similar to other years, this year too Times City did this survey all around the city and gave out awards to restaurants that were chosen for providing quality and tasty food dishes to their guests. With its award winning habit this year too Suruchi grabbed his share of award for its varieties of lip-smacking food dishes. This time it was the fourth award in row that Suruchi received for delivery quality food dishes. Times City has some twenty four sections of food varieties that consist of: Best North Indian; Best South Indian; Best Bengali; Best Kashmiri; Best Gujarati; Best Coffee Bar; Best Ice-Cream; Best Spanish; Best European; Best Chinese; Best Japanese and other several cuisines of states across India and the world.

I was reading the newspaper the other day, I read about Suruchi best restaurant in Karol Bagh winning four Times City Awards for its exclusive food dishes, and I planned an outing to go there and taste some of its food dishes. I phoned my friends and called them to Suruchi at eight in the evening. At first my friends didn't believe their ears after hearing that I am calling them to invite for a party, and they forced me to swear on God and on our friendship and after that they trusted whatever I was saying is true. Every time I offer someone something people generally do not trust me as they call me miser, however, I do not feel bad about it and do not take it as seriously.

The clock stuck six and I embarked on dressing up himself up for the party. Amid I got calls from all my friends to verify whether I was really throwing party. It was certainly an annoying situation, but I controlled myself by taking deep breaths and once again swore on god to make them believe about the authenticity of party. When the clock stuck eight everyone started coming and joined me at this restaurant. I called up the waiter and asked him for a table for ten. Soon we settled down and then the waiter came with the menu. When we placed our order then a twist came in the tale, the waiter came back puzzled as our order was too large. He got confused about the quantity of particular dishes, so one by one again we explained what and how much quantity of food we ordered.

And soon the food came to our table, everything that we ordered was so tasty that we called up the waiter and gave ordered for more food dishes and I myself ordered different varieties of food as my main reason to come to this place was to savor on different varieties of food this restaurant offers. As I told you we entered at eight and by the time we savored on number of Indian vegetarian food and our stomach started bulging it was 9:30 o’clock. And it was then everyone raised their hands up as a sign to give in to the delicious food that they ate that evening. So, I called up the waiter for the ‘check’. This American trend of calling for the bill is catching up fast with us Indians. He brought the bill with aniseeds and cubes of sugar candies and when I saw the amount on the bill I couldn’t believe my eyes as it was in hundreds. I kept this secret to myself and in order lest it leak I took my credit card out to pay the bill. I can’t tell you how magnificent this experience was.

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