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Indian cuisine is all about thousands of unique aromas, vibrant colors and mouth-watering textures that wage war to appease our taste buds. There are myriads of dishes in India to choose from, due to its ever increasing states and languages. The best thing about its native cuisine is that it is loved by every tongue and people often jump out of joy due to its surprising and innovative ingredients.

Food is one of the prominent reasons why travelers come to India especially, in its capital city- New Delhi. What makes this city unique is its uniqueness and strong flavors that tantalize the taste buds of refined palates. Vegetables are an inherent component of cuisines in Northern India and especially in Delhi there is no dearth of vegetarian platters.

Over the years, the dining scene in Delhi restaurants is fast catching up and has brought in variety through its exquisite Indian vegetarian food.  Restaurants in Delhi have journeyed a long way than its image held during the mid 60’s where the chefs solely remained behind hot tandoors and the concept of Indian food home delivery was unheard of.

Today, the cuisine of the subcontinent is gaining immense popularity and the restaurants in New Delhi have garnered accolades not only for their best Indian vegetarian food but for lavish decors and warm hospitality. The Indian veg food is being recognized in the culinary scene of the world. It has been primarily derived through its strong spices and healthy ingredients like leafy seasonal vegetables, legumes, fruits and grains.

Conventionally an optimal Indian veg food is a conglomeration of six tastes which are sugary, briny, spicy, astringent, acerbic and rancid. This truly speaks about the depth of North Indian food in Delhi and they are not only relished by Indians but grub lovers from all over the world.

In fact, food in North India is completely different from South Indian food but one common thread that runs in every Indian savory dishes are the deliberate use of aromatic spices to create a distinguishing flavor. Now, foodies know to distinguish between buttery North Indian chicken curry and crispy South Indian dosa. Some innovative chefs are even trying out criss-cross flavors from lesser known regions of the country that offer varied tastes than regular vegetarian party food.

The assortment of North Indian delicacies that are found in Delhi restaurants  have turned into international icons, otherwise who would have thought that plain bland corn could be turned into delicious Makki de roti so, we should thank our ancestors for handing down the kitchen secrets that has globalised  Indian cuisine and making its place among  cuisines around the world.

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