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Most of the vegetarians whenever they go out to dine they find it difficult to search a pure vegetarian restaurant even in the city like New Delhi. It is indeed something that worries vegetarian people, but there is hardly anyone who is concerned about vegans. I wonder why there are only a few restaurants that offer vegetarian food where the large part of the population is vegetarian. The reason for this is perhaps vegetarian food is less expensive as compared to non-vegetarian food. And to make more money people ignore vegans, but this is not true as if these food restaurants those who deal in non-vegetarian food, start offering exclusive vegetarian food dishes they will earn more that they earn right now.

It will happen because then they will attract more people and even people those who are non-vegetarians can come and eat there. And when the number of guests will increase the sale automatically will increase. But leave that matter aside as people don't take free advice and think it's useless. Like any other vegan I too used to face this situation when I would go outside with my family and one day I decided to search all vegetarian restaurants in Delhi that only serve quality vegetarian dishes. What I did was I started calling my friends and acquaintances to find out if they know any good restaurant they offer quality vegetarian food. I received many names from entire Delhi and New Delhi area.

After receiving different names of vegetarian restaurants I did some secondary research to know what kind of food variety they offer to their guests and online research also helped me to know the feedbacks of various guests in a number of blogs and article. The restaurants that I found to be worthy eating and guess what two out of these food joints are near my home. After my research got over I left with couple of restaurants and I decided to go and visit these restaurants in person on weekends to know the ground realty.

So, the first I went to a restaurant called Suruchi Restaurant. This restaurant is certainly peculiar when you compare it from others in all aspect, for example, when you go to a restaurant you find they are crowded and don't have space to breathe. It is really unusual for restaurants to have very small space and do not have even the essential amenities like comfy chairs and rest rooms. And do not to talk about the quality of food or quality of the ingredients they use in cooking their food. These restaurants run for only one thing that is money, so to maximize their profit they use low quality of ingredients like adulterated oil, stale vegetables, course rice or wheat. And if you insist on checking their kitchen they will certainly fight shy, as in their kitchens cleanness is not at all important. The food that is served to the guests of these restaurants is first tasted by flies and insects and not to forget about the unclean plates on which the food is offered.

Thus, if you don’t wish any similar event or moment that is shared above come across in your life, it is best to keep away from such restaurants. So, go to a class restaurant like Suruchi restaurant. Because the food that is provided to you is made with higher quality of oil, fresh vegetable, and basmati rice, and when your food contains or made of these ingredients your food is bound to be improved with vitamins, minerals and protein. Therefore, when you go out to dine next time for any birthday party, marriage party, or promotion party, you can easily contact us round the clock as per your convenience; we will love to help you book the best pure vegetarian restaurant online. This is one of the Award Winning Restaurants that gives the guarantee that if you come once to its restaurant, you can’t hold yourself back coming again and again thereafter. The reason for this addiction will be the mouth-watering and lip-smacking food. It offers you with all plenty of food varieties including Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi food specialties.

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