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Suruchi - Take home the real savor of culinary

Suruchi restaurant is prominent for serving the real taste of traditional food along with its best Gujrati and Rajasthani cuisines. It is a one way stop for all the food mongers. So, if you are too busy to take out time along with your family to visit us, we can assist you with our home delivery and take away service. We acknowledge the value of our pricey time and your loyalty and love towards our cuisines.

All you need to do is give us a call and place your order and specify whether you want a home delivery or a take away. We have a team of special people who assist, place and track all the take away and delivery orders. So, donít miss on the real flavors of our spices and help us to replenish your taste buds. Come and indulge yourself in our traditional lip smacking cuisines.

Free home deleivery:
Hearth Stone
Punjabi Vegetables  
Shahi Paneer Rs.191/-
Kadai paneer Rs.192/-
Matar Paneer Rs.192/-
Malai kofta Rs.192/-
Aloo mutter Rs.142
Aloo Jeera Rs.142
Dal Makhani Rs.184
Rajmaa Rs.136
Hearth Stone
Bombay special  
Pav Bhaji(2 pacs. of pav) Rs.124/-
Vada pav(2 pacs. of vada) Rs.98/-
French fries Rs.102/-
Desi Kona
Choice of Rice  
Rice Rs.120/-
Gujrati khichadi(evening only) Rs.89/-
Desi Kona
Choice of Salad  
Green salad Rs.89/-
Lachha salad Rs.59/-
Desi Kona
Gujrati vegetables and daal  
Gujrati sp. dal Rs 98/-
Khati mithi khadi Rs 98/-
Aloo ki sabji Rs 98/-
Today special sabji Rs 98/-
Desi Kona
Choice of snacks  
Dhokla Rs 80/-
Day special Rs 90/-
Desi Kona
Choice of Desserts  
Gulab jamun(3 pcs.) Rs 60/-
Fruit custard Rs 60/-
Halwa(seasonal) Rs 60/-
Desi Kona
Rajasthani vegetables and dal  
Gatte ki sabji Rs 111/-
Chef specials Rs 136/-
Rajasthani Dal Rs 111/-
Aloo tamatar Rs 98/-
Rajasthani khadi Rs 98/-
Dal baati churma Rs 142/-
Desi Kona
Choice of breads  
Tawa phulka(roti) Rs 14/-
Tawa parantha Rs 24/-
Thepla Rs 16/-
Pooran poli(weekend only) Rs 24/-
Bajre ki roti Rs 14/-
Lachha parantha Rs 53/-
Desi Kona
Choice of Thali  
Rajasthani thali Rs 213/-
Gujrati thali Rs 213/-
Punjabi thali Rs 213/-
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