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In India, when it comes to food it is believed that the food will only taste delicious if the person who is cooking or preparing it is doing it with heart and soul. And the second important aspect of food is its enriched quality that delivers good health is can be achieved by keeping clean and hygienic atmosphere where food is cooked. But in today's hectic life style it is very hard to either keep heart and soul together or keep cleanliness and hygiene while cooking food.

Not to speak of taking these thing into consideration in the process of food making, but to keep up with the joneses people have become workaholic working day and night continuously and in the process they even forget to cook food for themselves. And when they go hungry as a last resort they go to restaurants. But little did they know what they are eating in these restaurants they would not ever go and eat in these places.

Most of the restaurants in across states in India and particularly in the capital are delivering worse food to their guests. In order to maximize profits they use low quality of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients like adulterated cooking oil, spices, wheat flour, rice, and gram flour etc. You can imagine what kinds of dishes are made from that low quality of ingredients, but when these dishes are served to you may not look that bad because of decorative garnishing on top of them.

Nevertheless, not all the restaurants are same as there are some which are known only for their quality food with mouth-watering and lip-smacking food dishes that they offer to their guests. But it is also a fact that finding those is not an easy task for someone who is new to the city. And in that case there are two options for you to get good restaurants. The first option is that you can ask someone familiar about the city and the second option is the World Wide Web. Yes, you got it right Google can help you find a restaurant that provides varieties of good quality food. For instance, when you type a keyword like “Pure Vegetarian restaurants in Delhi”, you will get a number of responses and from them you can easily choose a good restaurant and have a look at their menus as well.

Among these various restaurants, there is name of 'Suruchi Restaurant' or 'Suruchi Coffee House'. This particular restaurant deliver quality food dishes of various Indian and overseas cuisines. Its large menu serves a variety of Indian vegetarian food, South Indian Food Dishes, North India Food Dishes, Punjabi Food, Gujarati Food Dishes, Rajdhani Food Dishes and Rajasthani Food dishes.

Its state-of-art kitchen maintains cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere about what we talked about earlier and its experienced team of proficient chefs put their heart and soul when they receive any order to deliver delicious food dishes that are enriched with goodness and provide health.

For delivering tasty food with health Suruchi Restaurant has earned many accolades from its esteemed guests and it is the only restaurant in New Delhi that has won four consecutive Times Food awards in row. Suruchi has huge seating space and is ideal for birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, kitty parties and other various special occasions. Apart from serving its customers at its various outlets, Suruchi Restaurants also offer Home Delivery Menu, so if you don't have time to cook food or want to celebrate some occasion at your home itself, you can place your order over the phone and in some time the food will deliver at your door step.

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